Darkness Retreat – An Exciting Journey to the Source of Being

Darkness Retreat – An Exciting Journey to the Source of Being

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With 30 personal accounts from participants over the past 5 years

Darkness Retreat experts, consciousness researchers and seminar leaders, Bharati Corinna and Martin Glanert, have made an international name for themselves through their competent and compassionate way of counselling Darkness Retreats.

In this book, Darkness Retreat participants openly share their own, varied experiences to give the reader an up-close, first-hand account. These thirty authentic and compelling stories reveal the profound insight and life changing process that happens through a Darkness Retreat. Far from any distraction and stimuli, the participants go into complete darkness to travel into the unknown. As the outside light is switched off, they turn to look inside.

A fascinating testament about the highs and lows of exploring one’s consciousness during a Darkness Retreat. There is nothing that remains untouched: from exploring the true self, deeply buried fears, liberating wisdom and healing processes to authentic spiritual growth.



Pages: 164

ISBN: 978-3-96240-174-0

Size: 12,0 cm x 18,5 cm

Release date: 10.04.2018



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